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Evaluation Overview

The Corporation gives due emphasis on evaluation of its schemes to have an impact assessment at the grass root level from time to time.  The studies were conducted by independent agencies. Based on the finding and recommendations of such studies, the Corporation carries out improvement in its policies for betterment of prospective beneficiaries.


The objective of the study is to physically inspect the beneficiaries and to ascertain the following:


  • Level of awareness among beneficiaries about NBCFDC funding
  • Time taken for process and difficulties faced (if any ) for obtaining the loan
  • Whether the loan amount was sufficient or not?
  • For which sector and under which scheme loan has availed
  • Utilization – for intended purpose or not and Asset creation(if any) through loan availed
  • Status of loan repayment (Regular/Irregular/Default)
  • Percentage of beneficiaries who crossed the income criteria (3 Lakh and above).
  • Impact of NBCFDC loan- Income and social status and Status of loan repayment (Regular/Irregular/Default)
  • Actionable points at SCA level and NBCFDC level for improvement  


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