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Pattern of Finance

(i) Term Loan i)  General Loan Scheme
ii) New Swarnima Scheme for Women
iii) Education Loan Scheme
(ii) Micro Finance iv) Micro Finance Scheme (For mixed SHGs)
v) Mahila Samriddhi Yojana (For exclusive women SHGs)
vi) Small Loan for individual 
vii) NBFC-MFI Loan
S. No. Name of Scheme Max. Loan Limit Per Beneficiary Pattern of Finance # Rate of Interest Per Annum ## Repayment Period (including moratorium period of six months)
1 Term Loan   NBCFDC SCA/Benef. SCAs/Bank benef. 8 Years
(a) General Loan Scheme Rs.15.00 Lakh 85% 15% Upto Rs.5 Lakh
           3%           6%
Above Rs.5 Lakh upto Rs.10.00 Lakh
           4%           7%
Above Rs.10.00 Lakh upto Rs.15.00 Lakh
           5%           8%
(b) Education Loan ^
(i)  In India
Rs.15.00 Lakh 90% 10% 1% 4%* Max. 15 Years
ii) Abroad Rs.20.00 Lakh 85% 15% 1% 4%*
(c) New Swarnima Scheme Rs.2.00 Lakh 95% 5% 2% 5% 8 Years
2 Micro Finance            
(a) Micro Finance Scheme Rs.1.25 Lakh** 90% 10% 2% 5% 4 Years
(b) Mahila Samriddhi Yojana for women  Rs.1.25 Lakh** 95% 5% 1% 4% 4 Years
(c) Small Loan for individual   Rs.1.25 Lakh 85% 15% 3% 6% 4 Years
(d) NBFC-MFI Loan Rs.1.25 Lakh** 90% 10% 4% 12% 4 Years
# In case of Banks, NBCFDC loan will be available upto 100%, however, disbursement will be made as per their specific demand.  
## For persons of target group with disabilities (40% or more) a special concession of 0.25% on rate of interest is provided
^ Applicants must have got admission in duly accredited/recognized institute and scored minimum 50% marks in qualifying examination. Moratorium period is of 5 years for Education Loan.
* Rate of interest 3.5% p.a. for girl student.
** Subject to maximum of Rs.15.00 Lakh per group.
a. Advance funds. The advance funds should be utilized within 120 days and utilization certificate must be submitted accordingly.
b. Refinance: The amount of refinance should be appropriated in the beneficiaries Aadhar linked loan account within 10 working days of drawl from NBCFDC as per Rate of Interest of NBCFDC scheme.
. Banks may claim refinance of outstanding balance under Education Loan irrespective of year of loan disbursement.
. For other schemes refinance can be claimed for the loan disbursed during current financial year only.
  Slab-wise rate of interest: - Utilization (No. of days) Rate of Interest (p.a.)   
  1-120 days 3%
  121-180 days 6%
The Channel Partners are required to refund the un-utilized funds in case the advance funds are not utilized within 180 days of release and will be charged interest @ 8% p.a. from 180 days up to date of refund.
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